• Biola, Iris, Lonicera, Narcissus, trifolium, Tulipa, Viola...naturalki ihartzen 

  • This sea plant collection tries to show the beauty of natural shapes. Influenced by Blossfeld’s and Haeckel’s taxonomic works, plants decontextualize themselves in a liquid environment. 

  • Floris ia a serie of pictures of wild flowers incrusted in a solid block of water. 

  • [Translate to English:] Hydrocotyle vulgaris, uretako landarea, klabe baxuan irudikatzen. 

  • [Translate to English:] Plantas silvestres  

  • This experimental underwater series plays with the behaviour of light, water and instantaneity. As it passes from a given substance into another, light gets refracted, reflected and dispersed; and water, a transparent and dynamic element, acts as a lens by deflecting light rays when they enter it. This lens leaves its mark by distorting and/or... 

  • This series focuses on the watery body of a gelatinous structure that combines liquid and solid states. Its translucent quality allows seeing the opposition between the solid-static part and the liquid flow. As a result, an unlimited series of natural shapes and unpredictable outlines are obtained. 

  • The fascinating skin of these cephalopods generates all kinds of spots and patterns which, in order to go unnoticed or communicate, change continuously their shape, size and colour. 

  • Variations shows some moments of the unstoppable changes happening on marine landscape, at the sea wather and the sky.  

  • Ur masak ---- Masas de agua 

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